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Q&A with Eda from Luxe and Linen

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Meet Eda Semana, the San Francisco lifestyle and fashion blogger with amazing fashion sense! In this Q&A, Eda shares her favorite pieces and blogging tips that you don’t want to miss out on.

What got you interested in Blogging?
I always wanted to start a blog for myself ever since high school right when fashion and style blogging came into the spectrum, however it wasn’t until 2013 when a series of events happened and the realization of life being too short came to mind. Thankfully, my boyfriend (and now, photographer) really pushed the idea and helped make everything come to reality, thus the creation of Luxe & Linen was born.


How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is ever changing (just like how the fashion industry always is), but currently my style is very monochromatic, somewhat grungy, and minimalistic. I’m beginning to fall in love with classic and basic pieces all over again, however I love to mix things up with a great statement piece such as a fur jacket, fringe skirt, and distressed denim to incorporate texture and detail within my outfits.

What is your favorite season? Describe a favorite outfit for that season.
Fall is by far my favorite season because I love layering! My go-to fall uniform would definitely look like this: a basic v-neck tee under a flannel or chambray button up, a leather jacket, black distressed skinny jeans, black ankle booties, and maybe a choker necklace to grunge it all up. Depending on the weather, somedays I may add an oversized scarf to wrap around my neck or wear as a shawl as well.


A piece of clothing in your closet that you’ll never part with? 
A leather moto jacket! I currently have four; 3 blacks and 1 white, all different fits for a variety of different outfit choices.




Favorite Emoji?
“Laugh-so-hard-you-cry” emoji. This one has never moved from my “recently used” list.
Instagram or twitter?
Instagram all the way!
Last tv binge watch?
Friends on Netflix. I’m currently on season 9. Just one more season to go!
Go-to Starbucks order?
Tall iced Americano, no room, and two-pumps of classic. I love coffee black just like the rest of my wardrobe.
What’s your favorite Mellow World handbag?
The Sarah Backpack. It’s perfect for school and/or travelling since there’s enough space to fit literally everything.


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Where do you find inspiration?
I’m constantly perusing through my Instagram feed and Pinterest looking for outfit inspo, but when I really have the time to do my research, I like to go through different websites such as and check out the street style articles and photos. Another inspiration-aid of mine is my boyfriend; his style is so on-point that he is one of the only people whose opinion I trust when it comes to my closet and outfit choices.

What do you use to edit your photos?
I first edit them on Adobe Lightroom to make sure I fix the white and color balance, then I take it over to VSCO to slap on a filter before I post it to Instagram.
Who is your fashion icon?
Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast and Kendall Jenner for her model-off-duty style.

What beauty products can’t you live without?
I could never part with my NARS ‘All Day’ Luminous Foundation, MAC highlighter, Mario Badescu cucumber toner and moisturizing lotion, and Anastasia dipbrow pomade.

Current favorite pair of shoes/boots?
My go-to pair of shoes are my Chelsea ankle booties from Zara I bought over a year ago. I wear them year-round and they go with everything in my closet.

Any fashion/blogging tips you want to share with our readers?
To the surprise of many people, fashion blogging is so much more than pretty pictures and great wardrobe pieces. It’s a lot of hard work around the clock, everything from styling the outfits, shooting, editing, and posting in a consistent manner. However, when all is said and done, it gives one of the most satisfying and successful feelings in the world! Another important factor of fashion blogging is to always be true to your own sense of style. There is no sense of trying to be someone you are not or wearing clothes that make you uncomfortable in any way. Fashion is the epitome of confidence, and you should always feel beautiful and powerful in your own skin.


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